Are you interested in starting a chapter at your college? AAWCC looks forward to working with you. The best way to get started is to reach out to your regional director for assistance.

Beginning the Process

A local chapter provides the opportunity for women at community colleges to participate directly in the kinds of activities, networking, communications, professional development, leadership, nurturing, mentoring, and personal growth that have made AAWCC strong at the national and regional levels.

AAWCC activities and events create a synergy that promotes and assists women in their professional goals. When women come together in a campus chapter, the power and resources of the group are greater than the sum of its parts. AAWCC is a catalyst for empowerment.

All women at a college can be invited to participate in chapter activities and to become members of AAWCC if the college has an institutional membership. Officially recognized chapters are authorized to use the AAWCC logo, pins, colors and publications. 

Because we are an organization for women (not of women), male supporters can be encouraged and informed through chapter events and membership.

Forming a Chapter

To form a chapter, your college must first be an institutional member of AAWCC. If your college is not a member and you want to start a chapter, pay the member-at-large fee to become a member.

At least four members are necessary to start a local chapter. Gather your core group of interested women to plan the establishment of the local chapter.  AAWCC offers a guide to forming a chapter.

Develop a timeline and a draft of chapter bylaws, using the sample bylaws template. Get input from regarding the activities that they want to organize for the chapter. After the meeting, send out the minutes, and solicit feedback on the draft bylaws. 

After the bylaws approved, the chapter should elect officers. Conduct a ceremony to celebrate your new chapter and install the officers. Next, submit your petition for approval with your bylaws and officers’ contact information to your regional director. Your regional director will review the documentation, assist you in making any needed additions, and present your petition to the AAWCC board of directors at one of their two annual meetings (usually in April and October or November). When the board approves the chapter, your regional director will contact the chapter officers.


Paying Dues

Chapters are responsible for paying $10 per member to AAWCC National, which will be submitted with their annual report in June and will cover all necessary individual dues for AAWCC members. Chapters also need to submit current membership rosters (names and email addresses of members) with their annual financial reports to their regional directors by June 30 of each year. 

The chapter will send the $10 per member fee with the annual report when it is submitted to the regional director. As chapter rosters change, and members are added or subtracted throughout the year, the local chapter will be responsible for tracking membership counts and will be asked to submit dues collected on behalf of all the chapter members at the time of reporting to the national organization in the following renewal year. *

*If you are reported as a local member, and your chapter submits the $10 fee, you will automatically be a national member as well.

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