2016-17 Platform Statement

Increasing the roar to eliminate a culture of silence surrounding sexual violence against women on community college campuses.

Mission Statement

The American Association of Women in Community Colleges changes women’s lives through education, service and leadership development

AAWCC Values and Promotes:
Women in Leadership
Equity and Economic Independence
Service at All Levels

AAWCC Advocates for and Sponsors:
Diversity of Ideas and Culture
Higher Education Attainment
National Issues Affecting Women in Community Colleges
Professional Development for Career Progression and Achievement
Women’s Professional and Career Accomplishments

Unexpected Influence
Women Who Helped Shape the Early Community College Movement

By Anne-Marie McCartan

In the second half of the 20th century, men and women of uncommon vision and commitment drove the phenomenal growth of that uniquely American institution of higher education, the community college. Students of this movement are well aware
of the contributions of the men who served as college presidents, researchers, and national leaders but what women made significant contributions that have not before been brought to light?

Mildred Montag envisioned and implemented community-college based programs to train nurses. Dorothy Knoell used her prodigious research skills to show that community colleges prepare students well to succeed after transfer. Mildred Bulpitt
and Carolyn Desjardins helped create and run leadership workshops that resulted in hundreds of women moving up the administrative pipeline. And a dynamic group of women were behind the successful replication of community -based colleges through the establishment of the American Indian tribal colleges.

These stories and a dozen more are captured in this book. Those who are familiar with community colleges will welcome having these stories documented at last, and those new to the field will be inspired by how these women came to exert such "unexpected influence" on these remarkable educational institutions.   Order Info

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