Every March, AAWCC organizes its annual Day of Dialogue to encourage chapters to engage in thoughtful conversation about issues impacting women attending and working at community colleges. AAWCC develops a themed topic, as well as an event planning toolkit and a discussion toolkit. Chapters develop programming to complement the topic. While called Day of Dialogue, chapter programming takes place throughout the month of March.  

The theme for 2019 is needs insecurities. The National Day of Dialogue encourages chapters to engage in discussion. AAWCC also challenges chapters to take action to address need insecurities on community college campuses.

Planning Day of Dialogue Event 

AAWCC has developed a document that serves as a valuable event planning guide for chapters for the Day of Dialogue. Use the document as a checklist as what to consider when bringing members together for thoughtful conversation, a program, or a day of service. 

If chapters choose to develop service projects to examine basic needs insecurities, remember projects can be either student-driven or employee-driven. Among the ideas for service projects are:
  • Create a list of resources that address basic needs
  • Create and establish a campus food pantry
  • Hold a food drive to restock campus food pantries
  • Where campus pantries exist, document the impact of food accessibility on students and employees
  • Make small bags filled with toiletries to give away to students in need
  • Develop warming centers to help homeless students during below freezing temperature days

Developing Thoughtful Discussion

The best tool for crafting thoughtful discussion within the chapter and across campuses is the discussion toolkit, which is available for download as a PDF. Consider these topical questions for dialogue: 

  • In addition to paying tuition and fees, many students struggle to meet the cost of student housing, food, transportation, and other needs. What is happening on your campus? How is it being handled?
  • How does hunger, homelessness and food insecurity impact recruitment, retention and completion of students?
  • What has been done or is being done at your institution to help students overcome these challenges and persist?
  • How does the challenge of needs insecurities impact faculty and staff at community colleges?
Engaging in the National Read

For the 2019 Day of Dialogue, AAWCC is introducing a national reading program. Join AAWCC members and chapters across the country in reading "Paying the Price: College Costs, Financial Aid, and the Betrayal of the American Dream" by Sara Goldrick-Rab, starting this March. Stay tuned...

Kick of a reading group discussion with the general discussion toolkit, and then watch the AAWCC social media for monthly questions and conversation.  

Sharing Lessons Learned

Report to AAWCC about your chapter's events and the Day of Dialogue. By submitting this online report, chapters across the country can benefit from your chapter's experiences. Additionally, your information will assist with future planning efforts of the Day of Dialogue.

Contact Us:  info@aawccnatl.org OR members@aawccnatl.org

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