Self-care and Wellness Mini-Series

Wednesdays – One Hour

10 am PST ∙ 11 am MNT ∙ 12 Noon CST 1 pm EST

 The series costs $10 for members, $20 for non-members.


May 5

Eat, Sleep, Play Workshop

This self-care workshop will be packed with education on healthy eating, food as medicine, easy to make healthy dishes, sleep awareness, and an opportunity to experience concentrative and expressive meditation that is fun and a practical tool for releasing stress.

May 12

We Don’t Give a Good Kahoot’s Lounge

with prizes

  “If you don't respect yourself ain't nobody gonna give a good cahoot, na na na na. Respect yourself”   (Staple Singers, 1972).  Yes, it is a play on words.  Speaking of play – this lounge will be a place to relax   and release stress with the game Kahoot.  You could end up being the winners of some awesome self-   care prizes. You deserve it.

May 19

Positive Vibes Forum: Tell Me Something Good! What’s Going On?

This self-care facilitated forum will provide an opportunity for free flow conversations about anything participants want to share. Mainly, it will provide a space for positivity and to share positive experiences during unfortunate times in addition to sharing routines and practices that attendees engage in that may be of benefit to others. For example, share something that contributes to work-life harmony.

May 26

Virtual Vacation: “Where Are We?”

If you like enjoy traveling, want to travel, or have traveled, this session is for you.  Journey virtually with participants to various places. You will have an opportunity to travel and guess where we are virtual. This series is sure to be interesting, test your travels, and expose you to places you may want to visit in person when the time is right and safe.  Then, who knows, you travel scholars may enter a drawing for a cool prize knowing “Where Are We?

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