The AAWCC Board of Directors takes pride in honoring outstanding women leaders and model programs from across the nation at the Awards Breakfast each year. Our awards for outstanding women include the Of the YearUnder 40, and the Model Programs Awards

Award winners are recognized each year at the AAWCC Breakfast at the AACC Annual Convention. National regional scholarships are also presented at the awards ceremony. The application/nomination period and deadlines for each of the awards will be announced online.

Of the Year Awards

There are many people who deserve recognition for their outstanding efforts on behalf of women! Now is your chance to honor them by nominating one of them for an AAWCC National award.

The award nominations are due February 26, 2024. The awardees will be honored at the AAWCC National Awards Breakfast in Louisville, Kentucky (April 7, 2024), as part of the American Association of Community Colleges national convention. Awardees are also listed on the AAWCC website.

The AAWCC Of the Year Awards are:

  • The Carolyn Desjardins CEO Award for Outstanding Service and Support to AAWCC
    Qualifications for this award are at least five of the following criteria:
    1. Donated exception staff time to achieving AAWCC goals and/or meeting organizational needs
    2. Actively sponsored and/or promoted AAWCC philosophical issues that concern women
    3. Absorbed organizational costs or provided space for AAWCC activities
    4. Co-sponsored a major AAWCC event
    5. Lobbied/advocated on behalf of AAWCC and its goals (e.g., AACC, other councils, legislators)
    6. Hosted and supported AAWCC board meetings
    7. Campaigned to encourage other presidents to become members of AAWCC
  • The Mildred Bulpitt Woman of the Year Award
    Qualifications for this award are :
    1. A living woman who has an outstanding record of service to women at community colleges
    2. Service to community college women that deserves national recognition as a role model for community college women throughout the country
    3. Only AAWCC members may submit nominations, but the nominee does not need to be a member of AAWCC
    4. Actively engaged in work at or service to a community college
Current board members and former award recipients are ineligible for this award.
  • The Trustee of the Year Award
    The qualifications for this award are:
    1. Current or past board of trustees member at a community college
    2. Demonstration of outstanding commitment to the college in addition to their role as a trustee
    3. Actively supports issues concerning women
    4. Demonstrated exceptional leadership and serves as an inspiration to women on his/her/their campus.

The deadline for nominations for the AAWCC Of the Year awards is February 26, 2024. Apply via online form. Criteria for each of the awards are listed within the nominating form. 

Past Award Recipients

Under 40 Awards
The purpose of the AAWCC Women Under 40 award is to recognize and elevate exceptional women from community colleges who are consistently surpassing expectations. Each year, we seek to recognize up to 40 rising stars who are making a difference beyond the scope of their primary positions.  This is an annual recognition of the youngest community college women  who are movers, shakers, and influencers on their community college campuses. You may nominate yourself or someone else. The deadline for nominations for the Under 40 awards is September 6, 2024.

AAWCC will review each nomination. Please be accurate, brief, and convincing. The nomination includes:

  • Basic demographic information
  • Personal description (not to exceed 300 words) that describes the nominee's accomplishments and impact. 
  • Statement of support from a campus leader (vice president or above, if possible). This is a supplemental statement of 150 words or less containing relevant community college and/or contextual information that supports the information.
  • A head shot of the nominee is also required. 
Previously named AAWCC Under 40 recipients are ineligible for recognition. The Under 40 class will be featured on the AAWCC website and at our annual Leadership Conference in October, along with other opportunities.

Past Award Recipients 

Model Program Awards

The purpose of the Model Programs Award initiative is to: increase AAWCC membership and enhance participation in AAWCC activities in community collegesencourage the development of mentoring experiences for women, and promote the sharing of information about programs and activities that support women in community colleges.

Applicants for the Model Program Award choose one of the following four categories: 

  1. Program Award: national recognition of an official AAWCC chapter and its members who make a significant contribution on behalf of women through a major project, event or program. Past winners of this award conducted one major annual fundraiser to support an entire year's worth of activities or delivered monthly educational sessions to college and community women. Programs may be in person or virtual.
  2. Day of Dialogue Award (NEW in 2022): recognition of programs and/or chapters that promote and advocate for women through participation in AAWCC's Day of Dialogue program. This award recognizes chapters that develop an engaging, educating, and creative local program expanding on the annual theme. The 2021 Theme was "Climate Justice is Justice for Women."
  3. Chapter Award: national recognition of an official AAWCC chapter and its members who, through a variety of programs and/or services, have made significant contributions on behalf of women. The applicant must demonstrate that the AAWCC chapter involved meets all the requirements established by AAWCC for chapter designation. Past winners were chapters that offered educational programs for women, sponsored scholarships for women, contributed to community agencies or events on behalf of women, and/or made a difference at their college campus for women.
  4. Community College Award: national recognition of a community college for a program or programs that demonstrate a commitment to equity and excellence for women on campus. Past winners have created such programs as a leadership academy for women that involves challenging professional development activities that promote career advancement.

To apply for the Model Program Awards:

  • The deadline for nominations for the Model Program awards is September 6, 2024

  • Include a statement signed by the college’s CEO authorizing AAWCC to publicize information about the applicant’s model program in its publications and other appropriate publications for use by AAWCC members and chapters. Community colleges with AAWCC chapter memberships or institutional memberships are eligible to apply for award.

  • Provide published materials and documents that support the application and/or describe the model program, including brochures, newsletters, flyers, etc.

  • Submit the application via online form, along with supporting materials, by the due date. 

Past Award Recipients

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