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The American Association for Women in Community Colleges is guided in all of its endeavors by a firm commitment to equity and excellence in education and employment for women in community, junior and technical colleges. That commitment is translated into action at the national, regional, state and local level through programs, activities and services. The Model Programs Award is a national award program designed to highlight the accomplishments of colleges, AAWCC members and chapters, individuals, and community partners that support women in professional development, leadership training, career advancement, service activities, mentoring and networking. Model Program Award winners will receive a check in the amount of $100 to help with future programming.

The purpose of the Model Programs Award initiative is to:
  • increase AAWCC membership and enhance participation in AAWCC activities in community colleges
  • encourage the development of mentoring experiences for women, and
  • promote the sharing of information about programs and activities that support women in community colleges.

Applicants apply for the Model Program Award under one of the following four categories: 

ð       AAWCC Chapter Award

ð       AAWCC Program Award

ð       AAWCC Community College Award

ð       AAWCC Digital Media Award


AAWCC Chapter Award

The AAWCC Chapter Award recognizes an official AAWCC chapter and its members who, through a variety of programs and/or services, have made significant contributions on behalf of women. The applicant must demonstrate that the AAWCC chapter involved meets all the requirements established by AAWCC for chapter designation.

Past winners of this award were AAWCC chapters that offered a variety of educational programs for women, sponsored scholarships program for women, contributed to significant community agencies or events on behalf of women, and/or made a difference at their college campus for women. 

AAWCC Program Award

The AAWCC Program Award recognizes an official AAWCC chapter and its members, who make a significant contribution on behalf of women through a major project, event or program. 

Past winners of this award conduct one major annual fundraiser that successfully raises funds to support an entire year’s activities, or deliver monthly sessions to college and community women, routinely attended by hundreds, supported entirely by donations. 

AAWCC Community College Award

The AAWCC Community College Award recognizes a community college for a program or programs that demonstrate a commitment to equity and excellence for women on campus.

Past award winners include the creation of a leadership academy for women that involves participants in challenging professional development activities that promote career advancement.

AAWCC Digital Media Award

The AAWCC Digital Media Award recognizes programs, and chapters that highlight women, advocacy, and promoting women through new media (including websites and social media). 

Complete the AAWCC Model Program Application for 2014-2015 and submit your application by February 13, 2015. 


Carolyn Desjardins CEO of the Year
(March 13, 2015 - deadline extended for CEO of the Year) 
Mildred Bulpitt Woman of the Year
Trustee of the Year 


Outstanding Women:  Who do you know?

AAWCC takes pride in honoring outstanding women at the Annual Meeting and Awards Breakfast each year during the AACC Convention. Who are the outstanding women leaders that you know?  AAWCC sponsors three awards, two of which are named in honor of Carolyn Desjardins and Mildred Bulpitt, co-founders of the National Institute for Leadership Development (LEADERS).  The AAWCC Caro­lyn Desjardins CEO Award for outstanding Service and Support to AAWCC, the Mildred Bulpitt Woman of the Year Award, and the Trustee of the Year Award will be presented at the 2015 AAWCC Annual Awards Breakfast in San Antonio, Texas.  Recipients of the Of the Year awards will receive a $500 check for their college.

The Annual Awards Breakfast is the official AAWCC annual meeting which is held in conjunction with the AACC Annual Convention each year. The AAWCC Breakfast is open to the general membership of AAWCC (a no charge membership benefit), as well as non members. The AAWCC Annual Awards Breakfast being held in San Antonio, Texas on April 20, 2015.  This also is a time to recognize, celebrate and honor individuals for their past and present contributions to AAWCC in fulfillment of maximizing their potential.

You must know someone who deserves recognition for their outstanding accomplishments. Please don’t hesitate to make multiple recom­mendations for the Woman of the Year, CEO of the Year, or Trustee of the Year awards.

Award guidelines and nomination requirements are found on the AAWCC website at under the tab Annual Awards. Nominations are to be directed to Dawn DeWolf at or by Fax at 541-463-4170 by February 13, 2015.




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